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Web Server Requirements

EasyPhotoStore is supported with major worldwide unix linux website servers.

Please make sure you have asked your hosting company about the following minimum requirements to run EasyPhotoStore.
If you are not sure to determine your webserver capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

But don't worry, even if your webserver does not meet the requirement, you still have a FREE One Month Web hosting from us.
Just let us know your domain name and we will install it and send you the details.

Web Server Requirements
Unix / Linux / Windows / MacOS X Webserver
200 MB Webserver space
1 MySQL 4.0 or above
PHP 4.2 or above
Accessibility to Send Mail Function
PHP GD2 Library for image resizing
FreeType Module Support
Safe Mode Off and set_time_limit() function Enabled
cURL module enabled
Apache Mod Rewrite (Optional)
Domain Name or Subdomain Name
ionCube Loaders
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