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Installation Guide

Please read the following installation guide to successfully install your EasyPhotoStore copy to your webserver.
Please do understand that by installing EasyPhotoStore, you are bound by EasyPhotoStore End User License Agreement.

This installation guide assumes that you have basic knowledge on how to install the software to your webserver.

  • Let's assume the following :

    Your Website URL http://www.mydemo.com
    Your Destination Folder /home/easy_demo/public_html
    Your MySQL username easy_user
    Your MySQL Password easy_password
    Your MySQL Database Name easy_db

  • Please upload all your files to your destination folder.
    You can use FTP client programs such as CuteFTP, WS FTP or others to upload to the destination folder.

  • When all files are all uploaded, please make sure that you provide proper file permissions (all write enable) to all folders within the /files folders. If your destination folder is /home/easy_demo/public_html, then you will need to set permissions (CHMOD 777) to the following folders :


  • Now, we will need to setup database for the new copy of EasyPhotoStore software. Please open your phpMyAdmin program (most linux server will have phpMyAdmin), and then you will notice that within the EasyPhotoStore files, you will see a file named easyphotostore.sql.

  • Please use phpMyAdmin, and upload easyphotostore.sql file to the mysql. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us..

  • To connect EasyPhotoStore to the MySQL db, please find setting.php file in your admin folder.
    It should be located at /home/easy_demo/public_html/admin/setting.php ...

    $db_host = "localhost";
    $db_name = "easyphotostore";
    $db_username = "root";
    $db_password = "";

    and then change to your own MySQL settings ... if you use the example above, then you should change the lines to :

    $db_host = "localhost";
    $db_name = "easy_db";
    $db_username = "easy_user";
    $db_password = "easy_password";

  • Now, let us do the final integration step by integrating EasyPhotoStore with your webserver.
    Please use the setting.php again and find the following lines :

    $dir_base = "$DOCUMENT_ROOT/easyphotostore";
    $url_base = "http://$HTTP_HOST/easyphotostore";

    and then change to your own path settings ... if you use the example above, then you should change the lines to :

    $dir_base = "/home/easy_demo/public_html";
    $url_base = "http://www.mydemo.com";

  • Installation is now complete, you should first setup your website first from the admin panel.
    You can access the admin panel from http://www.mydemo.com/admin.

    By default, the login to the admin panel is :

    Username : admin
    Password : admin

  • DONE! Now you can enjoy the power of EasyPhotoStore for your website.
    Please do not forget to come back to our website to receive more updates later.

Copyright © 2006 - 2018 EasyPhotoStore. All rights reserved. License Agreements